We are a creative digital
agency based in India

We are an idea-driven, hard working company with a strong hold on designing and creating user experience. Our projects are conceptualized & designed in a way that they engages your audience, The aim of our team is to manoeuvre wonderful digital things that ignites interest in the minds of people and encourages them to be part of it.

Our talented team at Cromatik is led by Mr. Amit Joshi, the creative head. He is a commerce graduate from Delhi University who was inspired by creativity into the field of graphic designing in 2000. After delivering excellent service to many brands in the next 7 years, he started his own graphic design house in 2007. Amit is also the author of the famous novel, Timepass - A Story of Internet Addiction (the first novel on Internet Addiction).


Let’s Discuss About What We Can Design, Create & Scale Together!

For all these years, we’ve been conceiving & hand-crafting graphic designing, website designing & development as well as branding solutions for all types of businesses around the world. We understand the preference of many companies who have to decide between saving money and building their brand. We are the perfect combination of professional and affordable - nimble, tech savvy, and always ready to lend our ears to all of our clients ‘needs.

Plus, we’re a one stop shop. Need a website? We’ll design it. Redesign your logo? We will do it. Looking for complete digital marketing solutions? We have got you covered! Every client says we have been their infallible partner ever since they chose us. Brand Cromatik is the most comprehensive solution for your designing needs, and we can’t wait to meet you.

  • Complete Projects

  • Happy Clients

  • Expert Team

  • Success Years

  • Our Mission

  • Our Vision

  • Our Commitment

  • Core Values

Our Mission

To provide highly creative, professional and quality services in all designing fields including:

Graphic Designing / Advertising / Branding / Promotional Designing / Copywriting / Videography / Digital Marketing / Web Design, Development & Hosting .

Our Vision

To provide our clients with outstanding design & digital marketing solutions that would ensure the success of our company through our clients’ brand growth.

Our Commitment

We are committed to business practices that follow strict ethical standards towards client servicing. We believe that our integrity will enhance the understanding of the impact of good design in the present world.

Core Values

Cromatik highly values the capability of creating something unique in its services, power of team work, excellence of keeping commitments and the everlasting bond that takes shape by generating 100% customer satisfaction".

Convert Your Business into a Brand

Our Core Strength

  • Client-Centric Approach

    According to us, customer-centric approach means realizing that whatever we're creating is not about what we think it should be. It's about what somebody else - the client wants. It's clearly a way to ensure that we completely make effort to understand customer needs based on their business journey & concepts.

  • Industry Expertise

    We prefer to call ourselves as industry experts because we know that the scenario of the digital world keep changing at a rapid pace, and we always remain up-to-date with the digital transitions. Our services have been able to keep our clients at the top because we follow latest trends & insights every single day.

  • Pricing

    Have you always wished for amazing branding at affordable rates? Then, you have come to the right place. We don’t follow traditional pricing modes and designed attractive packages that fit any budget. We meet work deadlines and our team stays engaged throughout the life of a project so that progress and process are understood at every step.

  • Meeting Deadlines

    One important aim for us is meeting deadlines established by our clients. As a designing company, it is essential for us to follow deadlines after having a solid understanding of the amount of time it takes to complete a project successfully. Apart from this, we also include enough time buffers to entertain any special request from the client.

  • Team Work

    We have a well centralized design team that are endowed upon with most of the power and decision-making responsibilities. With a centralized team structure, we have ensured that all the decision makers are in the same physical location (i.e. office). And, they impart focused vision across all projects; define roles of other team members reducing internal conflicts.

  • Satisfied Clients

    We listen to our customers, take their advice and incorporate it in whatever we design for them. This is so because, customer satisfaction have always been one of our top factors in measuring our success as a brand. How our clients feel about their experience with us is really important to us. The satisfaction of our customers actually binds a link to overall performance of our company and it also acts as a measure in analysing our growth rate.


Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision